blah blah blah what were you expecting?


Random out of nowhere-ness

I didn't even remember this thing still exists!

That's awesome!

So I thought - hey - sign in - ramble for 3 days about the last year and a half of life and that'll be good times for EVERYONE!

Then I realized - not so much. Quite frankly, if you know me, you know life from the last year and a half, if you don't, chances are you don't give a rat's ass. So playing catch-up is not needed. I'll just keep on rambling like I never stopped and like y'all know exactly where life stands!

And where does life stand? Well, as of yesterday, I (we?) are officially 37 weeks pregnant. That's right, our very own little AmeriCanadian is on it's way, expected now any time - although I'll probably still be saying that this time next month, with my luck!

I never thought I'd be one of those gushy pregnant people (I don't know why, I'm gushy by nature...) but this whole experience has been - an interesting roller coaster type of thing.

On one hand, there truly is no words to describe the feeling of carrying another life in my belly. I can't believe that at this stage of the game, I am still amazed and in love everytime little "Jelly" kicks or pokes at me. I've loved the fact that I have had this lil' being to myself for the last 9 months and that no one else can feel what I feel. Selfish bitch, ain't I?!

On the other hand - it's not all rainbows and butterflies - and one would not say that I am a "glowing" pregnant person. Perhaps the exact opposite. I never puked - thankfully - so I always say that it could have been much worse. However, I spent the first 4 months feeling like I was getting hit by a bus on a daily basis. The second trimester, when everyone is supposed to feel like a million bucks, I spent sick with mostly non-pregnancy related things. I cured those up just in time for the 3rd trimester where I've been lucky enough to feel like a house most of the time. Although the 3rd has been my fave for the simple amount of beebopping around little one has been doing!

So now, here I am at 37 weeks and a day. Two days ago we had an ultrasound to check on things, where we found out that at that point, our little "jelly" was more appropriately called "porky" as at not even full term it's well on it's way to being 8lbs. EIGHT MUTHAFNPOUNDS - and I have possibly WEEKS to go. Joey found a baby onsie back in the early stages that read "I tore Mommy a new one!" - who knew it'd be so possible now?

With motherhood (parenthood?) on the horizon - it's amazing how many thoughts and feelings one can go though. It's amazing how one can feel so excited one minute (BRING IT ON!!) and so absolutely terrified the next (I CAN'T BE A FUCKING PARENT, I CAN'T TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!)

But mostly it's almost overwhelming how excited and eager I am, despite the being terrified part! I think the anticipation is almost enough to kill a person, and I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to make it until the 21st (due date), and I'm even less sure of how I'm going to potentially go up to 14 days after that!! All the books and classes and websites in the world doesn't teach that shit...!!


so is this thing on?

Yes I know it's been a while since I've posted. That's nothing new, but I think this is a new record... Apparently since the last time I posted they've added new things... like partnering with gmail.

but anyway, as Sanford has posted it's been a year of wedded bliss for us here at Whackjobs and Wingnuts.

Things that have happened in the first year...

1. Dallas/Arlington pro teams disappointed the city.

2. I drove in a blizzard (and didnt even notice much difference)

3. Went to my first CFL game and first WHL game.

4. Didn't have a single day above 100 degrees (although it did get close to that back in 'van)

5. bought a house

and since i'm already tired of making this list i'll stop at 5


Sleep Paralysis

An out of the blue posting from me? How odd. But I've been feeling under the weather for the last few days, for a variety of reasons, and should be in bed sleeping, but instead I've been obsessing over a lil' something called Sleep Paralysis. Now, it's been a few weeks since my last episode, so I'm not sure what triggered my obsessiveness today about it, but I've been doing nothing but reading in the last couples hours, so I thought I'd share it with the world.

I have suffered sleep paralysis for more years then I can remember. I'm not going to touch on the mumbo-jumbo medical terms of it, but I'm going to try and explain it as best I can. And then afterwards, I'll share with you what others in the world experience.

For me, SP always happens right before I fall asleep. I know it is happening, and if i get up and walk around or read for a bit, I can sometimes stop it. The begining stages of it for me always starts with a throbbing sound. It gets increasingly louder, sometimes lasting the entire span of the episode. During the episode, I am completely 100% incapable of moving or speaking. What feels like 15 minutes is actually only a few seconds time span, but in that time I struggle with every little bit of me to bring me out of the state. Usually I can eventually wiggle a toe which will start bringing me out of it. I know I try to scream and cry out - with little success. After my most recent episode, my dear husband said to me the next morning "You were laughing in your sleep last night", a sound which was actually more like a grunt or short hum. In reality, that was my attempt to scream "HELP ME!"... unsuccessfully. While completely and 100% terrifying, as I mentioned it only in reality lasts a few seconds, and no harm done. However, having it happen 2 or 3 times in a row is a little disturbing when one is trying to sleep!

Now here's what I've found out in my obsessive search of SP tonight on the internet.

This state is actually a very normal human function. Turns out, when we're in a deep sleep, our brain kinda turns off our body, so we don't hurt ourself while we're dreaming (the wonders of the human body!) Sleep paralysis happens when there's a s mall glitch, and your brain turns your body off before you actually fall asleep. Glitches happen right? So at least I'm normal. Also, according to an ongoing University of Waterloo research project, up to 40% (yes, Giggles I know your recent post on statistics, to which I full agree btw) of Canadians have suffered from this at one time or another. I'm frighteningly normal!

Now what else I discovered (or re-discovered, as years ago I remember trying to do some research on this as well) is that millions of people around the world suffer from this, and compared to them, my symptoms are mild to say the least. (Thank God, because if I had some of the experiences I've read about, I'd be in the loonie bin!)
It turns out that SP seems to be the culprit in alien abductions, ghost sightings and out of body experiences. Some people even claim to be able to bring on an out of body experience while paralysed. And if they wanna do that - more power to 'em. Not me tho!

As I was saying - many people report an "evil presence" in the room, and many have hallucinations of aliens, ghosts and demons while in the paralyzed state. This, of course, is because of the glitch between awake and dream world. Some people have the sensation of being smothered, or of a heavy weight on them suffocating them. Some have had aliens staring them down, some have had ghosts reaching into their brain. All very scary if you ask me! There's even some still that are said to have "slide up the wall", and of course the OOBE - floating above themselves, watching themselves sleep. But for me - a throbbing noise, and a complete and terrifying inability to move or speak or open my eyes for an eternity. Or at least a few seconds.

So that's my story for tonight. I don't know of anyone else that's ever had this happened to them, although statistics say I should. My husband certainly has never experienced it, although Sheryl Crow suffers from them! (Ya, I know, just ANOTHER way i'm similar to Sheryl Crow, right? ;)

But on that note I'm going to go lay in bed, probably without sleep... hopefully not paralyzed!

Take care all - until next time... whenever that may be!


Immigration process

so we're almost done with all the paperwork, we go to the immigration lawyer on tuesday to finalize everything and make sure we filled out everything and then it gets sent to the proper places.

some interesting things about the whole thing....

1. had to get my fingerprints done at the regina police station so they can send em to the FBI for a background check.. big deal right... well the only reason i mention this is because the guy taking my prints was ATLEAST 7'4"... imagine Shaq, but white, a big huskier and taller! well ok, imagine Shawn Bradley but a lot bigger.

2. and the whole reason i'm posting... the medical exam...

you'd think that something for immigration purposes would be meticulous and pretty much have every test done right? well that's a big no... I go to the doc, the receptionist tells us that it'll take about 2 hours and then i'll have to go to the lab to get my blood taken and then to the x-ray place. So the Mrs. leaves as the doc calls me in at 11:20am.

i get in the office, he tells me to sit, asks the usual "any heart problems in the family?, high blood pressure?, cancer?, strokes? " then tell me the step on the scale to weigh myself... it's not even one of those crazy thingys that you have to move the weights around to balance to get it, it's just a normal wal-mart brand electric scale. which is fine, but he's across the room from me and asks me what it says... i could have lied and told him it said 150lbs.

so far nothing tough, no "turn your head and cough" , no finger up the ass... which I am fully expecting... but as it turns out, after weighing, he listens to my heart, pokes my stomach and that's it. I call the Mrs. at 11:45a... 25 freaking minutes for an immigration health exam...

blood work was blah, then the x-rays, they took just one of my chest and that's it. I might as well has Sanford write a note that says "Jaybi is healthy" and turn it in.


Rest Well K.S - you've fought long enough - you will be missed by many and remembered by all.